Starcraft: Remastered 2017 Announcement Trailer

starcraft remastered

The legend has returned. Almost 20 years after the original release, Blizzard are bringing back StarCraft, the game that redefined what Real Time Strategy gaming could achieve. As one of the first games to inspire professional multiplayer competition, Starcraft holds an important place in esports history as one of the founding fathers of the industry. So what will this reboot offer and when can we expect it to hit our monitors?

Starcraft: Remastered Features

Those of you who’ve played the original Starcraft will already be aware of what to expect. Blizzard are making no secret of the fact that this is basically a reskin and spruce up job on the original game and the gameplay mechanics and campaign itself will remain unchanged. For those of you who’ve never played before, that means you’ll need to master:

  • Three distinct races – Starcraft was a game changer in the way it contrasted three different playable races. Units and tech are not uniform across the races and mastery of the game requires an understanding of them all.
  • Resource management – nothing gets done without sufficient resources in Starcraft and each race faces different challenges in powering its push for dominance. Resource management at the top level requires multitasking skills on a superhuman level.
  • Construction – As in any RTS, moving up the technology tree requires the building of more and more advanced structures. Again, Starcraft spices this mechanic up with power grid, biomass and worker requirements.

If you’ve read that and still think you could try it out without suffering a total nervous breakdown, you might be interested in…

Starcraft: Remastered New Features

starcraft remastered

The new features are firmly rooted in aesthetics. Blizzzard are taking a 20 year old game and making it look like a modern-day RTS. It will feature:

  • 4k UHD graphics – This is the main overhaul. Those grainy old-school graphics are no more, the new game is in stunning 4k. Head over to Ars Technica to check out some great in depth comparisons of units pre and post reboot.
  • Stylized briefings – The game’s story is told through comic book interludes which have been spruced up and stylized for a fresher presentation of the classic story.
  • New audio – All of the game’s original audio track has been re-recorded for a more immersive audio visual experience.
  • Blizzard App Support – This will factor character race and and skill level into matchmaking, finding you the best opponents to match your ability.

Starcraft: Remastered Release Date

Blizzard have told us that the game will be released in summer 2017. It seems a little strange to us that they avoided an obvious opportunity to release it as a 20th anniversary reboot, but we’re just glad we get to play it sooner.

Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood Wars Free!

The final piece of good news is that on the release of the new game, the originals will be made available as a free download! Blizzard recently made their first patch for the games in 8 years with the 1.18 update and is preparing to give them away as freeware.

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