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Study A University Course In Dota2!

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Finally, a college course we can believe in! Here at Esports Samurai, we’ve never been great believers in wandering bleary eyed into a university lecture only to listen to obscure theories which held little practical value in our lives. Apparently the good people of the Asian Pacific University in Malaysia agree with us, as they’ve started offering a 36 week programme in Dota 2! We know Dota2 is pretty tough, but this just seems crazy! So what’s it all about and why would anybody take this crazy college course?

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Will Quake: Champions Become An Esport?

quake champions gameplay

One of the most popular First Person Shooter franchises around, Quake is returning to our PCs this year after an agonizing 15 year wait with Quake: Champions. The series has attracted a massive cult following over its 21 year lifespan, and the combination of high quality arena-style gameplay and working with top pro players to optimize playability during development could be a recipe for a serious contender for a top spot in the e sports market. Today we’re taking a look at Quake: Champions and discussing why it might overtake CS:GO as the world’s most popular FPS esport.

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