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Dota 2 Asian Championship 2017 Preview

dota2 asian championship 2017

The group stages are well underway and the stage is set for the 2017 Dota2 Asian Championship coming live from Shanghai, China from April 1st. On of the biggest majors in esports, the DAC has attracted the biggest names in the world of Dota2 who will be competing for a total prize pool of $500,000. Today we’re looking forward at which teams are likely to feature prominently and how things might go down.

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Study A University Course In Dota2!

dota 2 wallpaper

Finally, a college course we can believe in! Here at Esports Samurai, we’ve never been great believers in wandering bleary eyed into a university lecture only to listen to obscure theories which held little practical value in our lives. Apparently the good people of the Asian Pacific University in Malaysia agree with us, as they’ve started offering a 36 week programme in Dota 2! We know Dota2 is pretty tough, but this just seems crazy! So what’s it all about and why would anybody take this crazy college course?

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